Chinatown / Little Italy

Chinatown / Little Italy

**UNDER CONSTRUCTION** Bars without descriptions have reviews coming. They are still in geographic order. 

CHINATOWN: East to West: Essex/Rutgers; Ludlow; Orchard; Allen; Eldridge; Forsyth; Bowery; Elizabeth; Mott; Mulberry; Baxter; Centre; Lafayette; B-Way.   North-South:  1) Canal (to Mott) then up to Grand (Mott to Bowery) then Hester;  2) Canal;  Then:  Walker; White; Bayard; Leonard; Division; E B-Way

LITTLE ITALY:  East to West:  Mott; Mulberry; Baxter; Centre; Lafayette.  North-South:  Broome; Grand; Hester; Canal


Epistrophy: Wine Bar. 200 Mott St @ Kenmore-Spring; 23/21/M;;  Decent selection of  affordable wines; Nice menu; More of an afternoon/ early evening café;  Perfect pit stop; Hang with friends, a date, or chill alone. Modeled after a Roman café. Cash only.


Milano’s Bar: Dive Bar. 51 E Houston @ Mulberry; 20/14/M; Super friendly bartenders; Great jukebox; Narrow & wackily decorated Dive; Hard to place a finger on why, but this place has charm.  Grab a seat at the bar if you can.


Spring Lounge: Neighborhood Tavern. 48 Spring St. @ Mulberry; 19/16/M;; Opens at 8am- dive feel; Cozy welcoming bar;  Great for after Work or taking a break from Soho shopping. Superior beer list; Seating and decent food. Unpretentious. Not a huge place and usually popular.


Vig Bar: Lounge. 12 Spring @ Elizabeth; 23/16/M;  Low key elegance; Upscale looking décor; Front and a back room; Ideal for a party for a more tasteful group of friends; Sophisticated yet still fun; Not terribly cheap; DJ plays at night; Good looking crowd; Date scene.


La Compagnie des Vin Surnaturels:


Onieal’s: Lounge/Bar. 174 Grand @ Baxter-Mulberry; 24/22/M;; Wonderful spot for dinner and drinks; Attractive setting and architecture; Known for special cocktails; Part of Sex and the City tour; More crowded on weekends; Perfect for a private party.


Mulberry Project:

Genuine Liquorette:

Whiskey Tavern:

Apotheke the Bar:



Clandestino: Wine Bar. 35 Canal @ Essex-Ludlow; 21/20/E;; Chill scene; Cool cats here; Gorgeous, well maintained neighborhood pub/ wine bar. Friendly staff. Extremely popular and it always delivers great food & service and wine. Sexy vibe – date friendly. Suggest before dinner. Lots of beers on tap as well.


Old Man Hustle: 39 Essex @ Grand-Hester

169 Bar: 169 East BWay @ Essex