Wine, Beer, Liquor

Wine, Beer, Liquor

Acker Merrall: Wine/ Beer. 160 72nd @ B-Way-Columbus; 27/21/22/E; Huge selection; Hard to find bottles; Large assortment of Scotch. Hard to find bottles and wine of all price ranges; Been around 200 years.


American Beer Distributing: Wine/ Beer. 256 Court @ Butler-Kane; Brooklyn; 26/18/23/M; Massive selection of beer and soda; Hard to find selections; Seasonals; Delivery; Super friendly;


Astor Wines & Spirits: Wine/ Beer. 399 Lafayette @ 4th; 25/24/22/M; Obscene variety; 10,000 bottles. Great deals; Staff helps. Mind boggling selection; Free tastings; All price ranges;


Bierkraft: Beer/ Gourmet Market.. 191 5th Av @ Berkeley; Brooklyn; 28/21/25/M; More than 1,000 beers to choose from; One stop shopping; Vast, well organized; Also nearly 300 types of cheese, cold cuts, chocolates, & condiments.


Bottlerocket Wine & Spirits: Wine/ Beer. 5 W 19th @ 5-6th Av; 26/27/27/M; Extremely creative displays; Not a huge place – 400 labels; Categories for novices like ‘gifts’ or ‘takeout’; Printed descriptions.


Burgundy Wine Co: Wine / Beer. 143 W 26th @ 6-7th; 29/23/25/E; High End Boutique for wine; Trendy; Tastings; Live Jazz; Pricy; Heaven for serious buyers. So good it’s worth a peek inside even if you can’t afford it or are a novice.


Chambers Street Wines: Wine / Beer. 160 Chambers @ Greenwich;26/21/25/M; Hard to find bottles; Wines from all over. Friendly staff helps you out; Quality is key at this terrific store.


First Avenue Wines & Spirits: Wine / Beer. 984 1st Ave @ 54th; 24/19/23/M; Wine city; Discounts; All levels of wine & spirits. California, Australia & New Zealand. Out of the way gem.


Good Beer: Wine/ Beer. 422 E 9th St @ 1st Ave – Av A;  26/20/20/M; Great prices on limitless craft beer selections; Also as a bar;  Sample a pint or two and take a few 6-packs home with you!


Italian Wine Merchants: Wine / Beer. 108 E 16th @ Irving Pl; 27/24/25/E; Displays worth it; Just top notch Italian wines. High quality; Well known & hard to find selections.


K & D Wines: Wine / Beer. 1366 Madison @ 95th; 24/21/22/M; Cali, French, Italian, Aussi; Great service; Instant delivery. 4,000 labels; Happy hour tastings. All price ranges.


Le Du’s Wines: Wine / Beer. 600 Washington @ Leroy; 27/24/26/E; Every wine in here is incredible; Top service and displays; Helpful to the neophyte; Daniel restaurant’s sommelier is here.


Moore Brothers Wine Co: Wine / Beer: 33 20th St@ B-Way-Park; 29/27/29/M; #1 ranked in Zagats for Wine/ Beer; 4,000 square feet; All levels of wines from Europe; Reasonable prices; Frequent tastings and classes; Unparalled service and organization;


Morrell & Co: Wine / Beer; 1 Rock Plaza @ 49th @ 5th-6th; 27/24/24/E: Sexy location; 5,000 bottles of wine; Hard to find vintages. Great, welcoming feel for tourists and those new to wine.


Mount Carmel Wines: Wine / Beer. 612 E 187th @ Arthur; 26/20/24/M; Sophisticated for area; Italian Wines; Huge selection; Liquor.


New Beer Distributors: Wine/ Beer. 167 Chrystie @ Delancey; 26/21/25/M; Make your own 6-pack in this warehouse of beer; Seriously a beer geek’s paradise; Even browsing the shelves is fun.


Park Ave Liquor: Wine / Liquor. 292 Madison @ 40-1st; 26/19/22/E; My Father’s liquor store. Huge selection. Has it all. Every known Scotch. Great, fast service; Small place but always popular and packed.


Quality House: Wine/ Beer; 2 Park Av @ 32-33rd; 27/21/27/E; Huge French inventory of French wine with Italian, German, Aussi too. Incredibly knowledgeable owner.


Sherry-Lehmann: Wine / Liquor; 505 Park @ 59th; 29/24/24/E; #1 rated in city for Wine; $10,000,000 worth in house. 400 under $10. Competitive costs in all price ranges; Staggering inventory


67 Wines & Spirits: Wine/ Beer. 179 Columbus @ 68th; 25/20/21/M; Fun store; Dazzlingly wide variety; 10,000 labels; Top shelf. Now in 2-story location; Excellent website; Reasonably priced.


Top Hops: Wine/ Beer. 94 Orchard @ Delancey; 27/23/23/M; Unreal selection of bottled beer;  Craft beers from all over; You can buy a growler; Sit at the bar and enjoy or purchase to go. 700 bottles, 20 taps.


Union Square Wines : Wine / Beer. 140 Fourth @ 13th; 25/23/21/E; Huge but focused Int’l wine selection; Free Tastings; Great staff. Roomy environment; Frequent sales and tastings.


VINO: Wine / Beer. 121 27th @ Lex-Park; 28/25/25/E; Geographic organization; All Italian wines; Tastings; Amazing service/ quality. Taking name “Vino” it had better be amazing, and it is.


Warehouse Wines & Spirits: Wine / Beer. 735 B-Way @ 8th -Waverly; 25/15/18/I; Dirt cheap liquor & wine; Cheap booze for NYU kids. Has everything; Wine selection too. Cheapest in city. Incredible buys on wine.