Top 12 Dim Sum!

Top 12 Dim Sum!

I happen to absolutely LOVE Dim Sum…. Shrimp Dumplings… no greater dish in the world. There are Dim Sum restaurants outside of Chinatown… but I find them less authentic and even the good ones are far more expensive. I therefore limit my list to Chinatown!  Do try Flushing, Queens if you are adventurous.


1) Golden Unicorn: 18 E Broadway @ Catherine; 941-0911; Gets very crowded; Huge 3rd floor palace of Dim Sum. I’ve been here 25+ times; Always good, sometimes great. Slightly more pricy but still cheap. An absolute must try in this genre.


2) 88 Palace: 88 E Broadway @ Forsyth; 941-8886; Located under the Manhattan bridge on the 2nd floor of a Chinese Mini-Mall – this huge place is amazing. Truly authentic Dim Sum that is completely mainstream in nature as well. You know it’s good when 98% of the restaurant is Asian.


3) Ping’s Seafood: 22 Mott St @ Mosco; 602-9988; Seafood specialist; Cantonese shellfish is what they are known for when not dolling out top shelf Dim Sum 10-3pm all week long. Gets packed and you may share a table but it is Dim Sum Heaven.


4) Nom Wah Tea Parlor: 13 Doyers @ Chatham Sq; 962-6047; Flavorful dumplings; Good setting – not a huge place. You get to usually sit at a booth or a small table.  Rarely share if ever.


5) Jing Fong: 20 Elizabeth @ Bayard-Canal; 964-5256; Best looking of the major Chinatown Dim Sum Palaces; Huge place; Very popular; Like eating in a warehouse decorated by Chinese dragons and other decor; Reliable.


6) Oriental Garden: 14 Elizabeth @ Bayard-Canal; 619-0085; Fresh out of the tank seafood and a huge selection of Dim Sum. Up and comer. Great place for a regular meal as well. More pricy than others but worth it as it is still dirt cheap!


7) 27 Sunshine: 46 Bowery @ Canal; Not a huge banquet hall; Prices are always fair; Rude staff pass along Dim Sum via push carts and the food is excellent. Just the way Dim Sum should be.


8) Nice Green Bow: 66 Bayard @ Elizabeth-Mott; 625-2359; This place is found under Chinese Restaurants in the Restaurant guide. They have unreal Soup Dumplings. Mostly a hole in the wall.  Just incredible food on the menu here.


9) Joe’s Shanghai: 9 Pell @ Bowery-Mott; 233-8888; There are locations of this place outside of Chinatown. Incredible Soup Dumplings is what they are known for. More upscale than other Chinatown Restaurants, you can’t go wrong here


10) Dim Sum a Go GO: 5 E Broadway @ Chatham Square; 732-0797; Not a true push-cart place. Order very tasty real Dim Sum off of menu. Loses the authentic madness of competitors but cleaner and more efficient.


11) Red Egg: 202 Centre St @ Grand; Little Italy Dim Sum house;  No push-carts- you fill out an order form and they make it fresh for you. Has a huge menu – see link. Has full Chinese menu as well. It’s a bit different from traditional Dim Sum houses.


12) Buddha Bodaj: 5 Mott Street @ Mosco; Vegetarian Dim Sum restaurant;  Does have Shrimp Dumplings but mostly a vegetarian place. Very highly rated quality.