Spices & Herbs

Spices & Herbs

Dual Specialty Store: Spices/ Beer. 91 1st Av @ 5th; 22/18/19/I; Cheap, fresh spices; Herbs; Indian specialties; Rice; Incense; Teas. Just a vast selection. Also, 400+ Beers to choose from. Foodies love it here.


Foods of India: Spices. 121 Lex @ 28-9th; 23/16/17/I; What don’t they have? Indian spice shop; Grains, pastes, condiment, fragrant. Inexpensive ingredients for cooking at home.


Kalustyan’s: Spices. 123 Lex @ 28th; 27/20/19/M; Best place in NYC for middle eastern & Indian spices. Huge selection. Of Breads; Coffees & Teas; Dried fruits; Massive variety. Naan. Rice. Mind-boggling choices. Cookware


Ninth Avenue International Foods:  Spices.  543 9th Ave @ 40th; 26/23/23/I;  Large assortment of aromatic spices; Also has ethnic foods and groceries; Just a great treat in iffy location; Near a great seafood market as well;


Penzeys Spices: Spices; Grand Central Market; 27/23/23/M; What an assortment of spices and herbs; Small store but organized so well and a great staff to assist; Chef’s dream selections on way home to Westchester.


Spice Corner: Spices. 135 Lex @ 29th; 24/18/17/I; Curry Hill South Asian shop; Spices; Beans; Grains; Chutneys; Indian sweets; Anything you need for this cuisine.


Spices and Tease:  Spices.  2580 Broadway @ 97th-98th;  25/27/24/M;  Giant assortment of the freshest spices;  Also has a location in the Grand Central Market;  Also have gourmet coffee and teas;