Specialty Misc

Specialty Misc

Asia Market: Specialty – Asian. 71 ½ Mulberry @ Bayard-Canal; 26/12/13/I; One stop shop for all things for Asian cooking; Spices; Herbs; sauces; produce; Indonesian & Malaysian too. All things southeast Asian.


BangkokCenter Grocery: Specialty – Thai. 104 Mosco @ Mott-Mulberry; 27/17/23/I; Gourmet store; Thai specialties; Curry pastes; Treasure; Hard to find items; All in 1 grocer; And, friendly service with dirt cheap prices – a must for Chinatown.


Borgatti’s Ravioli: Italian. 632 E 187th @ Belmont; Bronx; 29/19/25/I: #1 rated fresh pasta & filled pasta. Mouthwatering Ravioli- cheese, meat, combos. Jewel; Best ever in genre; Service? Forgetaboutit.


Broadway Panhandler:  Cookware. 65 E 8th St @ BWay; 27/20/20/M; Amazing bang for the buck; They have it all – pots, pans, knives, all known kitchen supplies. Great on-line selections


Bruno the King of Ravoli: Italian. 282 1st Av @ 16-7th; 24/18/20/M;Maybe not the King (see Borgatti in Bronx) but certainly a Prince; Amazing pastas and a huge variety of the namesake; Stock up!


BuonItalia: Italian. Chelsea Market; 26/18/16/M; All Italian; Oils, vinegars; cheeses; pastas; spices; big selection; Smoked Fish. Fun store in an incredible location.


Ceriello Fine Foods: Specialty – Gift Baskets. Grand Central Market; 24/22/20/E; Awesome prime aged beef; Stuffed pork roast; Butcher; Porterhouse; Lamb. Most of all, a museum of sausages.


Chelsea Market Basket: Specialty – Gift Baskets. Chelsea Market; 24/23/21/E; Mail order; Gourmet treats; Candy, teas, chocolates, Jams, cookies. Make your own; Has something for everyone.


Coluccio & Sons: Specialty – Italian. 1214 60th @ 12-13th Av; Brooklyn; 28/21/22/M; Family owned king of Italian products; 80 kinds of pasta; meats; cheeses; oils; hard to find products. Anything you want or need.


Despana Foods: Specialty – Spanish. 408 Broome @ Lafayette; 27/23/24/E; Unreal resource for Spanish food. Tons of prepared food items and cooking needs; Generous samples; Explore their world here!


Dumpling House: Dumplings. 118 Eldridge @ Broome;  25/14/14/I; Amazing dumplings and also known for a killer sesame pancake.  Huge in size and so very inexpensive.


Dumpling Man: Prepared Foods. 100 St Marks @ Av A-1st; 20/16/17/I; Eatery/ Takeout; Dumplings; Vegetarian & Meat; Healthy oil. Not Chinatown but great for area.


Gary Null’s Uptown Whole Foods: Specialty – Health. 2421 B-Way @ 89th; 25/23/21/E; No relation to whole foods; Abundant variety; Endless mixture of diff well-living products. Food oriented.


Hong Kong Supermarket: Specialty – Asian. 109 E. Broadway @ Pike; 20/14/11/I; Huge Chinese market. Dirt cheap. Has it all from meat, fish & veggies to cooking supplies, noodles, dumplings and more.


Kam Man: Specialty- Chinese. 200 Canal @ Mott-Mulberry; 21/14/10/I: 1-stop shopping. Crowded; Cheap market; Barbequed Duck; Bewildering Variety; Kitchenware; Teas; Prepares & frozen foods; All Chinese staff.


Manhattan Fruit Exchange: Produce. Chelsea Market; 24/21/16/I; Every known fruit & vege; Massive variety; Dirt cheap; Herbs; Everyday and also rare fruits & veggies.


Manhattan Fruitier: Specialty – Produce, Baskets. 105 E 29th @ Lex-Park; 27/25/24/E; Gift specialist; Fruits, chocolates boxes; Gourmet Arrangements. Baskets for all occasions. Classy gifts.


Myers of Keswick: Specialty – English Foods. 634 Hudson @ Horatio-Jane; 23/21/22/M; British gourmet store. Teas; Bangers; Cheeses; Finally, a British/ UK specialty store; Anglophile heaven.


Ninth Avenue International: Specialty – Greek. 543 Ninth @ 40th; 23/18/20/I; Spreads, dips, Greek based; Pies, Spices, Coffees, grains. Mediterranean spices & gourmet market.


Nordic Delicacies: Specialty – Scandinavian. 6909 3rd Av @ Bay Ridge; Brooklyn; 28/18/23/M; Caters purely to Northern European tastes; Herring & cheeses; Canned fish; Deli items; Prepared foods.


Pickle Guys: Specialty – Pickles; 49 Essex @ Grand; 27/18/23/I; All kosher pickles; Started by former Guss’ employees. Pickled everything. Fresh & flavorful.


Piemonte Ravioli: Pasta; 190 Grand @ Mott-Mulberry; 27/19/22/M: Fresh pasta. Ravioli; Like Italy. Big choice; Freshly made pasta but key is to get Ravoli with endless fillings; Italians imports.


Prosperity Dumpling: Dumplings. 46 Eldridge St @ Canal;  26/8/10/I;  Dirt cheap steamed or fried dumplings; Long lines; Wildly popular despite being a dump; Excellent quality.


Raffeto’s: Pasta. 144 Houston @ MacDougal-Sullivan: 28/20/24/I; Heavenly homemade pasta; Dirt cheap; Sauces; Ravioli; Pasta cut to order in front of you; Hundred year old store; Italian prepared foods.


Russ & Daughter: Smoked Fish. 179 E. Houston @ Orchard; 28/24/24/E; Stellar Smoked Fish; Lox; Chocolates; Herring. Jewish deli – perfect for lox, sable, whitefish, & caviar.


Sahadi: Specialty – Mid Eastern. 187 Atlantic Av @ Clinton – Court; 27/20/22/I; Brooklyn; Hugely rated, dirt cheap. Has everything. Mideastern gold mine; Bazaar like scene; Goodies hidden everywhere. Prepared foods.


Sunrise Mart: Specialty- Japanese. 494 Broome @ Wooster-WB-Way; 23/18/17/M; Just like shopping in Tokyo for hard to find Japanese products and ingredients- food and otherwise. Sushi & Bento Boxes as well! Other locations: 12 E 41st @ 5th-Mad;  29 3rd Ave @ 10th.


Teitel Brothers: Specialty – Italian.2372 Arthur Av @ 186th; Bronx; 26/18/21/I; Imported foods from Italy; Fabulous cheeses, Olive Oils; Sausages; Friendly staff; Solid all round.


Todaro Bros: Specialty – Italian. 555 2nd Av @ 30th-31st; 24/21/21/E; True Italian Cheese, Pastas, Deli, Meat, Sauces. Prepared Foods; Basically, a mini gourmet Italian grocery store; Great for lunch.


Westerly Natural Market: Health Food. 913 8th @ 54-5th; 25/17/20/M; Health-food store; Organic food products; Produce; Rare stuff. Grocery store of natural foods.