NYC – Dine by Cuisine

NYC – Dine by Cuisine

All restaurants in this section are listed BY CUISINE and then within each cuisine section, LISTED GEOGRAPHICALLY in Manhattan, counterclockwise from the Upper West Side to Upper East Side. Therefore, when searching by cuisine, you can at the same time search by location!!!

The references to Zagat’s are as follows: Food/décor/price; Phone numbers start out 212 unless otherwise noted. Also, Click on the Restaurant HYPERLINK (name of the restaurant) to go to the restaurant’s website.

What I can promise you is this… insightful information; the BEST of the best; and an easy to find resource for your NY entertainment needs. Restaurants make my website ONLY if they are extremely well reviewed my MULTIPLE sources. Thus this listing is an ‘all-star team’ of the best restaurants in Manhattan.

I truly believe that once you decide to ‘go out’ you don’t want to spend 10 hours sifting through dozens of restaurant reviews. You know WHAT you want to eat.. OR, at least, you know WHERE you want to eat it. I’ve done all the work for you. I have limited each cuisine type to a limited number of selection of choices to make your life easy.

Enjoy your dining experience. Please let me know what is missing. What is closed. What is new to try!!

Ian Hunter, Founder.