NYC – Bars by Location

NYC – Bars by Location

The bars are listed by Neighborhood GEOGRAPHICALLY and in almost every case, they are in order of how they appear so you’ll know what other bars you are near to!! For instance, if you click on the Upper West Side, the bars will appear in order from 100th street to 60th Street.

All bars Are given a score like this: 20/18/MAppeal, Decor and a general price range from I = inexpensive; M = Medium; E = Expensive.

Types?  I include the best Irish Pubs; Beer Bars; Wine Bars; Lounges; and Dive Bars.  Also included are some Hotel Bars some ‘scenes’ and some music and jazz venues.  I generally do not include extremely expensive lounges; I include no dance clubs; and I leave out ultra-expensive Hotel bars and larger music venues.

If a place you are at starts to get boring, you will know which bars you are near!!! That is how this list started in the first place – so I’d have nearby options!  Please do get back to me with comments and/or suggestions! Please do let me know which bars are closed…. they are the toughest to keep up with.

Sports Bars:

Rooftop Bars:


Irish Pubs: