Midtown East / Murray Hill

Midtown East / Murray Hill

(35th-59th) (east of 6th)   

Joshua Tree: Sports Bar; 513 Third @ 34th -35th; College age Singles scene; Great to watch a big game & has good food to go with; Fun, Good music; Packed at night on weekends.  Lots of 80s music and videos up on the wall. HH is noon-8pm daily.  Weekend brunch- bottomless. http://joshuatreebar.com/

Karaoke Duet 35: Karaoke Bar. 53 W 35th @ 5th Av – 6th Av; Massive song book; Most private rooms even have the actual videos; $4-8/ person an hour (Fri/ Sat night is $8);  Make reservations- very popular; Beers $4-$5, Wine/ Cocktails $6; Can bring your own food. Very well reviewed. Service is excellent. www.karaokeduet.com;

The Liberty: Bar/Lounge.  29 W 35th @ 5th-6th Av; Two levels; Ideal for after work or a business lunch. Nicer place but not too fancy. $5 Brunch cocktails; Happy Hour;  Mixed reviews on food; Small portions. Pleasant décor.  http://thelibertynyc.com/

The Playwright: Irish Pub.  27 W 35th @ 5th-6th Av;  Not overly touristy; Large pub menu of food- decent to good; Happy Hour M-F 4pm-8pm: $6 Drafts, Wine, & some cocktails. Dallas Cowboys bar.  10am-4am daily. Neighborhood bar. Reliable.  Very friendly service.  http://www.playwrightirishpubnyc.com/

Keg Room: Sports Bar. 53 W 36th @ 5th-6th Av; Hugely big 1 level pub. Wrap around bar. Celtic décor. 48 beers on draft, 40 bottles. 25 Flat screens. Huge menu.  Just a great space to watch a game. Must-try for a big game.  Huge menu. Ideal place to meet a group of friends. Happy Hour specials.  http://www.thekegroom.nyc/#snippet

Peter Dillon’s Pub: Irish Pub. 2 E 36th @ 5th Av-Mad;  Inexpensive for the area; 11am-4am daily; Carlsberg on tap; HH is M-F, 4-7pm with $4 shots, $5 pints.  PBR tall boys. Reliable, not fancy. Beer and a shot.     http://peterdillons.com/

Ginger Man: Bar/ Lounge; 11 E 36th @ 5th-Madison; 79 bottles of beer. 69 draught; 18 cans; After work, happy hour and great singles scene; Private Parties; One of the best if not best beer halls in the city.  Classic looking inside; Back room with sofas.  Slightly more price but worth it. Incredibly popular. Great website. www.gingerman-ny.com/;

5th & Mad: Irish Pub. 7 E 36th @ Madison – 5th; Irish Pub on a street well known by serious beer drinkers.  Don’t be scared by the name – it’s a sailboat!  Good TVs for sports fans. Two levels. 3-6pm Happy Hour M-F, 11:30am-7pm w/ $5-$6 drafts, wine & well. Massive weekday 5-8pm crowds.  http://5thandmad.com/  

Top of the Strand: Rooftop Lounge. 33 W 37th @ 5th-6th Av; 21st Floor; Incredible views of the Empire State Building; Retractable glass roof; Similar to 230 5th but smaller and less pretentious; Equally good views; Drinks normal for a rooftop bar:  $16 cocktails, $10. Opens 5pm.  https://www.topofthestrand.com/

Reichenbach Hall: German Bar. 5 W 37th @ 5th -6th Av; Traditional German food; After work spot; Slowish service but you can order a monster sized stein; Staff in traditional clothing. Oktoberfest headquarters. http://reichenbachhall.com/

Rare View: Rooftop Lounge. 303 Lex @ 37th; Great after work spot; Private Parties; Amazing views at this more upscale Hotel Bar; DJs/ Music;  Shelburne Hotel-  Rooftop bar 16th floor- Pre-party. Huge place.  Go early to avoid crowds; Cozier than 230 5th;  Check out Chelsea sibling.  www.rarebarandgrill.com/

The Australian: Aussie Bar. 20 W 38th @ 5th – 6th Av; Aussie bar with good choice of beers and food from Down Under – Happening after work scene. Amazing food – dinner worthy; Cricket on TV;  Large beer selection; Great for watching Euro sports. Kangaroo Skewers; Fosters cans.   www.theaustraliannyc.com/;

Blaggards Pub: Irish Pub. 8 W 38th @ 5th-6th Av;  Younger crowd; Average food. Come here to watch a game.  Occasional buy-backs;  Barstools & communal table set-up.  Try the fish & chips.  https://blaggardsnyc.com/

Black Sheep: Irish Pub. 583 3rd Av @ 38-39th; Typical Irish pub with lots of TVs, draft beer and buy backs; $4 Bud Lite, Stella, Yeungling, Blue Moon and Jameson shots all day every day; Mostly a happy hour bar with frat crowd later on. www.blacksheepnyc.com;

Windfall: Irish Pub. 23 W 39th @ 5th-6th. Trendy after work spot. 44 foot bar; Modern décor w/ great art; Excellent restaurant as well; Young professional crowd;  Private Parties;  Perfect neighborhood spot. Ideal for a glass of wine or pint of Guinness. After work bar only – closed weekends.  http://www.windfallnyc.com;

The Shakespeare: British Pub. 24 E 39th @ Park-Mad;  Turn of the century old school décor; Basement level; Very traditional; Craft beers; Closed Sunday; Beer $8, wine $12. Scottish food on menu; Classy but comfortable.  https://www.theshakespearenyc.com/

Peter Dillon’s Pub: Irish Pub. 130 E 40th @ Lex; Inexpensive for the area; 11am-4am daily; Carlsberg on tap; HH is M-F, 5-7pm with $4 shots, $5 pints.  Pool tables;  PBR tall boys. Reliable, not fancy. Beer and a shot.   http://peterdillons.com/

Annie Moore’s: Irish Pub. 22 E 41st @ Madison; Classic Irish pub; After work/ Happy hour bar only; Professional crowd; Okay overall…nothing special. Decent food; Weekday happy hour; Large place; Multiple levels. Tons of TVs.    https://anniemooresnyc.com/

McFaddens: Irish Pub. 800 2nd Ave @ 42nd; 15/14/M; Tons of theme nights; Very popular singles scene; 20s-30s crowd; Pub Grub is good; Drink specials all week; Young, frat boy / B&T crowd often- but it is a wild party if that’s your thing. Bartenders NOT Irish.  Dirt cheap. www.mcfaddens42.com/;

Overlook Lounge. Bar. 225 E 44th @ 2nd-3rd; Best for happy hour; Has a roof top; Great service usually; As it gets packed, enjoy it on the earlier side of a weekend night; Has decent food and lots of TVs for games; Cartoon art on walls; HH is 2 for 1 M-F, 2-7pm.  www.overlooknyc.com;

Hofbrau Bierhaus: Beer Pub. 712 Third Av, @ 44th-45th; Bavarian German beer hall; Authentic brew served in Giant steins; Traditional German food; Waitresses in traditional garb; Communal tables available; Join their stein club. Munich feel in Midtown. www.bierhausnyc.com;

Point Break: Dive Bar. 12 W 45th @ 5th-6th Av; Fun, crazy décor; Very inexpensive overall; Shot Ski available; HH is 5-7pm with all beers and well $4. Surprisingly good food.  Not a fancy place. One of my favorite bars. Super casual. http://www.pointbreaknyc.com/

Perfect Pint: Irish Pub. 203 E 45th @ 2nd-3rd; Multi-level pub known for excellent pub grub and a large assortment of TVs showcasing your favorite sporting events; Huge selection of draft beer along with bottled beer & about every liquor under the sun; Friendly, witty bartenders; Ideal mid-town pit stop. www.theperfectpintnyc.com;

St. Pat’s Bar & Grill: Irish Pub. 22 W 46th @ 5th-6th; Multiple levels; Great sports bar;  HH is noon-3pm with $5 drafts, $6 cosmos, $12 lunch specials. Decent, smallish menu. Great location. https://stpatsbar.com/

Maggie’s Place: Irish Pub. 21 E 47th @ Mad-5th; Known for great service; Mid 20s – 40s crowd. Midtown watering hole. Pick up a tourist. After work drinks; Great food; Just a cool, reliable Irish Pub. Doesn’t necessarily stand out.  Amazing Guinness; Owned by Stout Bar’s group. www.maggiesnyc.com;

Connolly’s: Irish Pub. 14 E. 47th @ 5th – Madison; One of the best, most reliable and popular after work spots for Professional crowd; Two levels;  Private Parties; Good place to grab 2-3; late 20s to 30s crowd; Excellent food – can go for dinner.  Live music on weekends.  Strong drinks. http://connollyspubandrestaurant.com/

Snafu: Dive Lounge/ Bar. 127 E 47th @ Lex-3rd; 3 levels, though a small overall spot; Multiple sofas downstairs and upstairs; Great Juke; Free popcorn; Corporate yet crazy; Jack of all trades bar; Affordable with some edge.  Friendly bartenders.  Tons of daily specials – on website.  http://snafubarnyc.com/

Blackwells Pub: American Pub. 150 E. 47th @ Lex – 3rd;  Solid American fare; 1 free drink with Brunch; Not really great for nightlife – more of a lunch/early dinner kind of polace; Clean décor; Friendly service.    https://blackwellsnyc.com/

Sean’s Bar: Irish Pub. 42 W 48th @ 5th-6th; Very popular, younger bar. Crowded after work. Opens at 7am! 2 levels – TVs. Gets packed everywhere. 54 beers on tap. Daily drink specials including $6 “Seans Lager/Pilsner”. Cocktail specials too.  http://www.seansbarandkitchen.com/

PJ Moran’s: Irish Pub. 3 E 48th @ Mad-5th Av;  Standard Irish pub – spacious. Best thing on the menu is the burger. Closes by midnight. More of a lunch scene/ starter bar. Near Roch center – pit stop. Not as cheap as others.   https://www.pjmorans.com/

Karaoke Duet 48: Karaoke Bar. 304 E 48th @ 2nd Av; Massive song book; Most private rooms even have the actual videos; $5-7/ person an hour (Fri/ Sat night is $9);  Make reservations- very popular; Beers $4-$5, Wine/ Cocktails $6; HH daily from opening to 8pm with $3 drinks!!.  Excellent service. www.karaokeduet.com;

Press Box: Irish Pub. 932 2nd Av @ 49th-50th;  Excellent sports bar option as well. Great food – ideal lunch spot. HH is weekdays 4-7pm with $5 beers, $7 select martinis. Basic bar food but it’s done well. Typical pub. https://thepressboxnyc.com/

La Cava: Italian Wine Bar. 939 2nd Av @ 50th;  Bottomless brunch; Service is outstanding; HH is daily from noon-7pm with $8 wine and $5 beers.  Cozy, date friendly.  Brunch/food menu is delicious.   http://www.lacavanyc.com/

Johnny Utah’s: Dive Bar. 25 W 51st @ 5th – 6th Av; downstairs; Texas themed bar that features a mechanical bull; Bachelorette parties here often; Decent American BBQ and other food; Near Roch Center; Great website; Service is never good – be patient.  www.johnnyutahs.com;

Le Bateau Ivre: Wine Bar. 230 E 51st @ 2nd-3rd; French café/ wine bar; Delicious menu of appetizers and main courses;  Couple hundred French wines to choose from; Most wines by the glass are in the $10 range; Parisian atmosphere; Great for a casual drink with cheese nibbles. www.yelp.com/biz/le-bateau-ivre-new-york-2

Stag’s Head: Pub. 252 E 51st @ 2nd-3rd Av; Duplex set up; Rotating list of 16 American craft beers; Bartenders know their stuff; Nicer crowd – less B&T; Happy Hour from opening to 7pm weekdays; Probably the best pub in Midtown East. Bottomless Brunch.  www.thestagsheadnyc.com;

Cornerstone: Sports Pub. 961 2nd Av @ 51st; Tons of flat screens and tap brews; Split level layout; Happy hour from 11am on; Karaoke every night;  Trivia Wednesdays;  Bottomless Brunch; Great prices. Fun cocktails available. www.cornerstonetavern.com;

Jameson’s Bar: Irish Pub. 975 2nd Av @ 51st-52nd;  Open 11am until 4am daily. Drink specials 11am-8pm M-F featuring $6 drafts, $7 wine.  Guinness Pie done the real way. Very good pub grub. One of the better options in this popular area.    https://www.jamesonsnyc.com/

Irish Exit: Irish Pub. 978 2nd Av @ 51st-52nd;  More of a younger crowd. Daily specials and HH is 12-6pm M-F; Comedy Tuesday, Trivia Wednesday.  Decent option as a sports bar as well. Open daily noon til 4am.  http://www.irishexitnyc.com/

Cello Wine Bar: Wine Bar. 229 E 53rd @ 2nd-3rd Av;  Ever changing wine list;  Fun cocktails;  Some live music;  Delicious small plates. HH is M-F 4-7pm including $6 Pinot Grigio.  Cozy, date-friendly    https://www.cellony.com/

Redemption: Bar/ Lounge. 1003 2nd Av @ 53rd;  Huge place – 3 rooms; Go to website for list of daily specials – very cheap offers.  Mostly a frat/ yuppy type of crown typical of the area; Singles galore- easy to meet people;  Brunch, dinner; Known for very attractive female staff.  www.redemptionnyc.com/;

Connolly’s Pub: Irish Pub. 43 W 54th @ 5th-6th Av; One of the best, most reliable and popular after work spots for Professional crowd; Two levels;  Private Parties; Good place to grab 2-3; late 20s to 30s crowd; Excellent food – can go for dinner.  Live music on weekends.  Strong drinks. http://connollyspubandrestaurant.com/

Papillion Bistro & Bar: French Brasserie. 22 E 54th @ Mad;  Features Opera open Mic night;  Brunch is great here – $23 for food & 1 drink; Popular bars; Two levels;  Very spacious, beautiful scene.  From owners of Lillies. More of a restaurant overall.   www.papillonbistro.com

Whiskey Trader: Dive Sports Bar. 71 W 55th @ 5th-6th Av;  Daily HH specials – Bud Lite cheap all the time. Tri-level sports bar that covers every big game.  Cool scene – laid back. Rare dive in area. 11am-4am daily.  http://whiskeytradernyc.com/

Cassidy’s Pub: Irish Pub. 65 W 55th @ 5th-6th Av; HH is 4-9pm, M-F;  Dinner before a show; Fairly typical Irish pub; Open Mic night Tuesday & Saturday. Good Irish classics to dine upon. 11:30am-4am daily.    http://www.cassidysnyc.com/

King Cole Bar Lounge:  St. Regis Hotel Bar. 2 E 55th @ 5th;  Best Bloody Mary in New York; Happy Hour/ After Work; Expense account crowd; So cool – you need to go for a drink. Nobody can afford two drinks here. Sophisticated and classy. Bartenders have heavy hand. http://www.stregisnewyork.com/king-cole-bar

PJ Clarke’s: Pub. 915 3rd Ave @ 55th;  Owned by actor Timothy Hutton; Absolutely outstanding burgers, large seafood raw bar menu; Classy pub with great after work crowd; Comfortable and cool vibe. Old New York feel;  NYC Institution- been around 100 years. Mixed crowd.  http://pjclarkes.com/menu/third-avenue/

Draught 55: Pub. 245 E 55th @ 2nd-3rd Av;  Rotating list of 4)+ craft beers on tab.  Better than your normal pub grub. HH is great – $5 beers until 8pm.  There is a main bar and an atrium. Very cool décor/ setting- unique. Menu of food is long.  http://www.draught55.com/

Judge Roy Bean: Gastropub / Sports Bar.  38 W 56th @ 5th-6th Av; Cozy spot that is widely popular.  Incredible burgers.  $10 lunch specials; 75+ craft beers, cocktails and whiskies.  Cool, laid back vibe. Amazing food. Worth a trip for sure. Classy spot. http://www.judgeroybeannyc.com/

Kurant: Wine Bar. 1091 2nd Av @ 57th-58th; Open daily noon til 2pm;  Large selection of wines and some beers; Excellent service; HH is daily noon until 7pm with $8 wines, $5 beers.  Weekend Brunch – bottomless for $19 extra;  Amazing food nibbles and main courses – excellent date spot.  This is a winner. http://kurantnyc.com/