Gourmet Markets

Gourmet Markets

Please enjoy this gourmet food and drink shopping guide! The number code you see within each listing is based on Zagats…. 1-30. To be specific, the Zagat’s Code = Quality/Display/Service/Cost. Cost = I is Inexpensive; M is Moderate; E is Expensive.

Types of Stores Listed: Cheese Shops; Bakeries; Butchers; Bagel Places; Seafood Markets; Spices; General Gourmet Markets; Pastry Stores and more!!!  

Stores arranged in this section alphabetically. Please also note that most places listed have HYPERLINKS to the webpage of the stores. If the store did not have a website, I linked up a review of the store from a trusted site like Yelp.com.

Please get back to me with any feedback concerning any specialty store you have encountered! Please let me know what is missing or if anything is closed.


Ian Hunter, Founder