East Village

East Village

(Houston- 14th; East of 3rd Ave)
>FIRST & SECOND & THIRD AVE         *If ON 1st Av, it is listed here.

The Winslow Gin House: British Pub. 243 E 14th @ 2nd Av; Opens noon daily; Incredible gin selection; Great UK food options; Also a sports bar. Rugby bar – will show early games. Brunch served – bottomless mimosas;  HH is M-F noon-7pm with $8 gin and tonic; $6 drafts & pinot grigio. https://thewinslownyc.com/

The Belfry: Cocktail Bar. 222 E 14th @ 2nd-3rd Av; Opens 5pm; Famous for pickleback shots; Gets crowded late;  HH is daily until 7pm with $6 drafts and half price wine bottles; Live music Thurs, Sun.  Trivia Tuesday and Martini Monday. Cocktails normally $13.  http://belfrynyc.com/

Crocodile Lounge: Dive bar.  325 E 14th @ 1st-2nd; Signature Croc ale; Worth a try; NYC crowd; Opens 3pm daily. Sexy and friendly staff – fun vibe. Buffalo Bills bar. Free (crappy and tiny) cheese pizza with every beer! Skee Ball & Buck hunter; Beers $5-$7. HH is daily 3-7pm with $4/$5 drafts, well.  https://www.crocodileloungenyc.com/

Professor Thom’s: Sports Bar. 219 2nd Av @ 13th-14th;  Opens noon Thurs-Sun, 5pm others; 41 foot bar; Great brew on tap; Cool décor; 12+ TVs; Boston sports bar; Good grub- especially nachos; Game nights- Bingo Wednesdays; 2nd floor lounge; 20s, 30s crowd; Happy hour noon -5pm weekends and 5-7pm weekdays.    https://www.professorthoms.com/

Finnerty’s: Irish Pub. 221 2nd Av @ 13th– 14th;  Fans rave about the incredible service here; Excellent bartenders who can pour a Guinness; San Francisco fans hang here- all sports;  Own personal Keg at your table available.  Very popular, fun spot. HH is 1-7pm M-F with $5 drafts, $7 wine.   https://www.finnertysnyc.com/

Penny Farthing: Irish Pub. 103 3rd Av @ 13th; Crowd is mostly post-grad and yuppies/ preppies; Great Irish pub food; Happy hour 4-8pm Sun-Thurs; Have Brunch and Lunch available; Brunch menu is big and comes with 1 free drink.  Usual great service but pricier than most Irish pubs. https://thepennyfarthingnyc.com/

12th St Ale House: Beer Pub. 192 2nd Av @ 12th St; Opens 1pm weekend, 3pm weekdays; HH is M-F 5-8pm. Cool graffiti outside; Laid back, not fancy. Beer and a shot kind of place but not the dive bar décor you’d expect.  http://www.12thstreetalehouse.com/

Bar Veloce: Wine Bar. 175 2nd Av @ 11th-12th St; Opens 3pm daily; Bit of an older crowd; More mature scene for the area. Has locations in Soho, Chelsea, UWS. HH is 5-7pm daily with $7 wine. Huge wine list. I suggest one of their paninis to eat. https://www.winebarveloce.com/

Thirsty Scholar: Irish Pub; 155 2nd Av @ 9-10th St;  Happy Hour daily until 8pm; Other daily specials.  Cheap, stiff drinks; Good jukebox; Very small place- cozy; Great ‘pit-stop’ bar; 20 Oz Imperial pints; Chat up the bartenders over Guinness. PBR tall boys. Local crowd. http://thethirstyscholarnyc.com/

13th Step: Sports Bar. 149 2nd Av @ 9-10th St; Opens 11:30am daily;  Beer pong; From NY Best Bar group.  HH is M-F opening until 8pm;  32 TV’s;  34-foot bar. Huge portions of great Nachos and a giant bar menu as well. Fun, 20’s-early 30’s crowd.  Clean, well run. Party central. http://www.nycbestbar.com/13thstep/

Central Bar: Irish Pub / Sports Bar. 109 E 9th @ 3rd-4th Av;  2 story huge place. Irish like Puck Fair. Tables, bar, dance floor. Upstairs is lounge. Mixed crowd. Singles & NYC Biz School crowd; Drink specials- 3-8pm Happy Hour M-F ($4 drafts, well);  Really good food too. Great spot.  Nachos and Burgers are great.   https://www.centralbarnyc.com/

Solas: Lounge.  232 E 9th @ 2nd & 3rd;  3 levels- upstairs is a DJ infused dance lounge;  House party feel.  Pool tables; Monday Karaoke; Main floor has an Irish pub feel so place cool for all types. 10 huge TVs for sports.  Happy Hour is 4-8pm, $3 beers, $4 sangria. Great for a large group. Opens 4pm.  https://www.facebook.com/SolasBarNYC/

The Immigrant: Wine Bar. 341 9th St @ 1st-2nd Av;  Under the radar wine bar;  Well reviewed; Intimate setting; Fairly small and dark – great date setting;  Seating for 30 max. Only about 40 wines available but outstanding quality; Tasty snacks.  Beer $7, wines $10-$12 range.  http://www.theimmigrantnyc.com/

Coyote Ugly Saloon: Dive Bar. 153 1st Av @ 9th;  NYC Institution. Fun rowdy time; Sarcastic, usually hot bartenders dance on bar and demand you drink; Check website;  More of a tourist trap these days. Fun for 1-2 hours. HH is M-F, 4-7pm.  Dingy scene. http://www.coyoteuglysaloon.com/

William Barnacle Tavern: Tavern. 80 St. Mark’s @ 1st Av; Opens 1pm daily.  Historical bar from prohibition era- great old school NY décor. Former speakeasy. Absinthe available- some 130 proof. HH is daily until 8pm with $4 drafts, $5 wine. Great classic photos on wall. Very highly rated.  https://www.yelp.com/biz/william-barnacle-tavern-new-york

Sing Sing Karaoke: Karaoke Bar. 9 St Mark Pl @ 2-3rd;  Opens 5pm. 15 rooms; Special deals; Open Bar for 2 hours is $40/person.  Rooms are $9/person/hour.  HH is open to 7pm where room rates are $4. 80,000 songs- see website for deals and song list;  Pricy on drinks – $7 beer, $8 wine; Can sing at bar too. Nothing fancy but fun and affordable. http://www.karaokesingsing.com/

Holiday Cocktail Lounge: Dive Cocktail Lounge. 75 St. Mark’s Pl @ 1st-2nd Av;  Cool looking circular bar; HH is Sun-Fri 4-8pm with $5 wine, beer and well. The pizza isn’t bad nor are the sliders. Fancy drinks come with tiny toys. Cool and different scene.     https://www.holidaycocktaillounge.bar/

The Grafton: Irish Pub. 126 1st Av @ 7th-St Mark’s;  Top Irish Pub; Beer garden; Sports Bar as well.  Large dinner and brunch menu;  HDTVs for the game; Ultra friendly crowd/ staff;  Well priced pints; Friendly Irish staff; Loyal regulars; Rave reviews for overall appeal. Rugby on TV. Fries are amazing. HH is $5 drinks.   http://www.thegraftonnyc.com/

McSorley’s: Saloon. 15 E. 7th @ 2nd & 3rd; Oldest bar in Manhattan; Classic NY institution; 2 for 1 always- light or dark beer – only thing they serve; Good bar food; Always crowded; History on the walls;  Pure drinking bar. Founded 1854.  NY nostalgia; You must come here at least once. Tourist central.  $6 beers.  https://mcsorleysoldalehouse.nyc/

Standings: Sports Bar. 43 E 7th @ 2nd & 3rd;; Microbrewer; New drinking selection & drink specials every day; Great for Sports w/ 15 large TVs; Can bring food from next door; Dark, cool setting.  Red Sox bar. Beers $5 or $6. Happy hour 5-7pm; Home to about a dozen university alumni groups. Great décor. Small place.  http://www.standingsbar.com/

Burp Castle: Lounge / Dive Bar. 41 E. 7th @ 2nd & 3rd;; Monk-themed- bartenders dressed as them;  Pretty much a beer only place w/ beers from around the world. Theme bar w/ outdoor seating;  Belgium, German beers. HH is M-F 5-7pm. Opens 4 or 5pm.  Can whisper only here – super quiet. Odd place. Murals on walls. https://burpcastlenyc.wordpress.com/

Blue & Gold Tavern: Dive Bar. 79 E. 7th @ 1st Av – 2nd;  Can’t get kicked out here. Saloon feel. Dirt cheap drinks.  Fairly Young crowd. Juke has songs from 60s-80s; Pool table; Booth seating; All beer & drinks $3-$5 or so. Beloved by regulars. Have beer and shot combos. Opens 4pm; https://www.yelp.com/biz/blue-and-gold-tavern-new-york

International Bar: Dive Bar. 102 1st Av @ 6th St;  Opens 10am daily; Small dive bar with a back yard; $3 beer options; Bathrooms a mess – in other words an ideal Dive. Strong drinks. Who knows what character will be at bar with you.  http://www.internationalbarnyc.com/

B Bar & Grill: American Bar & Grill. 40 E 4th St @ Bowery;  Has lots of rooms for private events. Club room/ garden bar/ patio/ the front bar. Beer $8, wine $11. Large food menu for a bar and great tacos. Opens noon.  Art deco / 1960s décor. Outdoor space is great in summer. https://bbarandgrill.com/

Queen Vic: British Pub. 69 2nd Av @ 4th; Relatively inexpensive; Great pub food – try the fish and chips; Sangria $5 and well and pints $5; Old pub feel and charm- Victorian décor;  Large windows letting in light; Beatles décor on walls; Fun, friendly bartenders. https://www.facebook.com/queenvicpubnyc/?rf=994676037281353

Karma: Eastern lounge. 51 1st Av @ 3rd-4th; Sexy feel; Two levels – downstairs with sofas & room to dance; Booths & couches upstairs for Hooka smoking; Happy Hour; Artsy crowd. $4 drink specials most days. Normal drinks $7/$10.  Nice date spot if you are looking for that Moroccan theme. http://karmanyc.com/

Whiskey Town: Pub. 29 E 3rd St @ 2nd Av; Owned by George & Justin Ruotolo- they personalize service; Happy hour daily with $2 off everything until 8pm; Opens 5pm. Very inexpensive and friendly; Great DJ- 80s/ 90s;  More of a real/ service first American Pub. Huge choice of whiskey.  https://www.yelp.com/biz/whiskey-town-new-york

dba: Beer Pub. 41 1st Av @ 2nd & 3rd; Opens daily at noon; HH is M-F noon-9pm with $5 well, wine and drafts. 150+ kinds of beer here; Beer drinkers heaven; 130+ Scotches; Bourbons, Whiskeys;  Oh yes, drink your butt off here; Large outdoor patio. Early night starter bar. Beer warehouse.  https://www.yelp.com/biz/d-b-a-new-york-2

Grayson: Sports Bar. 16 1st Av @ 1st-2nd St; Opens at noon, 11am weekends; HH is M-F 12-7pm with $5 well, fireball and beer, $6 wine. Additional daily specials such as $5 Bloodies 11am-1pm Saturday. More specials during games. Can book a party here. Huge food menu. Definition of sports bar. Young crowd however.   http://thegraysonny.com/



Otto’s Shrunken Head: Dive Bar. 538 E 14th @ Av A-B; Tiki alternative bar; Frozen drinks; Volcanos; Absolutely zany place; Live music sometimes; $4 PBR pints all the time; Other specials; People singing; All sorts of fun drinks. Great for groups. Photo booth.  Can buy shirts and mugs. Opens 2pm daily.  http://www.ottosshrunkenhead.com/

The Horse Box: Sports Bar. 218 Av A @ 13th – 14th;  Very highly regarded bartenders – super friendly – who double as the owners; Small bar, with lots of TVs;  $25 open bar; Have darts and bar games; Opens daily at noon; Tons of board games to play. Drinks are very inexpensive all the time.  https://www.yelp.com/biz/the-horse-box-new-york

Planet Rose:  Karaoke Bar.  219 Av A @ 13th -14th;  Big drinking scene; Zebra couches; Wireless Mics; No private rooms – this is out in the open.  You download an App to get the songs.  Cheap drinks.  Drink people having fun. http://www.planetrosenyc.com/

Drop Off Service: Pub. Beer Bar.  211 Av A @ 13-14th St; Formerly a Laundromat, now a pub that focuses on excellent draughts and bottled beer; Also a great European wine list;  Happy hour- opening until 8pm;  Dog friendly bar. Have $4 pints until 8pm. Lots of seating. Ultra casual. Not touristy at all.  https://www.yelp.com/biz/drop-off-service-new-york

KeyBar: DJ Lounge. 432 E 13th @ 1st-Av A; This is a must for the East Village. Chelsea meets Village. Large place with singles galore; Great signature drinks – shots, martinis; Opens 4pm daily. Happy Hour 4-10pm, 2 for 1 on all. Attentive staff/ friendly. Has a fireplace; Not a huge place. Free birthday shots.   https://www.keybar.com/

The Garret: Cocktail Bar.  206 Av A @ 12th– 13th; Opens 5pm, 2pm weekends. Has a West Village outlet. Sunday HH all day. HH also M-F 5-7pm with $5 beers, $7 well.  Saturday has a Brunch part. Very popular later at night. Goearly to get a table and relax.   https://thegarretbars.com/

B-side: Dive Bar. 204 Av B @ 12-13th;  Opens 3pm daily. Extremely small neighborhood spot; Two small dimly lit rooms; $6 PBR with Whiskey; Happy Hour 3-8pm;  No pretension – just booze. Eclectic juke; Foosball; Friendly staff. https://www.yelp.com/biz/b-side-new-york

Rue B: Jazz Bar. 188 Av B @ 11th-12th; Really cool Jazz spot – mostly a bar. Opens 5pm daily. HH is 5-8pm daily;  Live music every night.  Thurs-Sat sets are 9:30/ 12:30. Sun-Wed: 8pm/11. HH prices are half off drafts, wine and $7 cocktails.   https://rueb-nyc.com/

11th Street Bar: Irish Pub. 510 11th St @ Av A-B;  Liverpool soccer fans congregate here; Exposed brick décor; Nice back room; Great happy hour with $2 off all drinks until 9pm. Great pour of Guinness and a variety of events and occasional live music- 5 nights a week. HH is M-F 2-8pm with $2 off everything.  https://11thstbar.com/

The Wayland:  Cocktail Bar. 700 E 9th St @ Av C;  Very popular local spot;  Opens 4pm, 11am weekends.  HH is M-F 4-7pm with $9 cocktails/wine and $5 beer. Live music Sun-Wed.  Food menu outstanding with Oysters ($1 during HH), Burrata.  Beautiful inside – homey feel. http://www.thewaylandnyc.com/

Doc Holliday’s: Dive Bar. 141 Av A @ 8th-9th;  Red Neck saloon feel. Ultra Dive Bar; Dirt cheap beer; Scantily clad female bar staff with Coyote –like attitudes; Frequented by locals;  Country Juke; Buck Hunter;  Inexpensive. https://www.yelp.com/biz/doc-hollidays-new-york

Summit Bar: American Bar. 133 Av C @ 8th-9th St;  Dark, ultra cool interior.  HH is daily 5-8pm with $4 beer, $7/8 cocktails & wine;  Cocktails are amazing; Really good date spot;  $1 Oysters all the time;  Fancy cocktails $10-12; I just love the bar area.   https://www.thesummitbar.net/

Ten Degrees Bar: Gastropub. 121 St. Mark’s @ 1st Av – Av A; HH is daily, noon-8pm with 2 for 1;  Trendy and cool;  Just what area needed. ‘Nicer’ than most bars around. Try the cheese board or a grilled cheese. Back room for parties. Brick wall interior.   http://10degreesbar.com/

Bua: Gastropub. 122 St. Mark’s @ 1st Av – Av A;  Opens 3pm, noon weekends. HH is M-F 3-8pm; Sat/Sun noon-4pm;  Try the Bua Burger; Fairly spacious; Pulled Pork sliders delicious. Gets crowded at night. Reliable and clean. Solid service. Just a cool bar. https://www.buabar.com/

Third Man: Cocktail Bar. 116 Av C @ 7th-8th St; Opens late – 6pm daily. This is a date spot or pre/post dinner out in the area.  Splurge and try one of their fancy cocktails which are $14. Beer is $8, wine $12. HH runs until 8pm M-F with $1 oysters, and affordable cocktails.  http://www.thethirdmannyc.com/

International Bar: Dive Bar. 120 1st Av @ 7th-St Mark’s; Complete shithole that rewards its customers with dirt cheap drinks that are super strong;  Buy backs; Laid back East Village crowd;  Has a small backyard patio;  Dark, narrow bar. Opens 10am daily.   http://www.internationalbarnyc.com/

Niagara: Tiki Bar/ Lounge. 112 Av A @ 7th;  Bar upstairs, Lounge- downstairs. Private nooks; Has great music. Fun place that gets packed; Singles scene;  DJ or live music; 20s-early 30s; Private Parties; Opens daily at 4pm with 4-8pm Happy Hour with $5 draft/wine/well. Photo Booth. Big Buck Hunter.  http://niagaranyc.com/

7B / Horseshoe Bar: Dive Bar. 108 Av B @ 7th; Reliable Dump. Cheap thrills. Jukebox is awesome- metal, alternative. U shaped Bar; Surprisingly good singles scene & upbeat feel;  Great mix of all types of people. Noon-7pm happy hour.  Photo Booth.  Can be a sketchy crowd but that’s what happens with ultra cheap drinks. https://www.facebook.com/7bHorseshoeBarAkaVazacs/

Zum Schneider: German Bar. 107 Av C @ 7th: Large Beer Garden. Huge Steins. Great German food- massive selection.  German beer at its best;  Outdoors seating.  Theme parties & a great Oktoberfest bash; $14 for 1 liter stein;  Very authentic atmosphere; Excellent, friendly bartenders and staff. Opens 1pm weekends. https://nyc.zumschneider.com/

Death & Co: Cocktail Lounge. 433 E 6th @ Av A-1st Av; Expertly crafted cocktails; Amazingly tasty; Superb bartenders; Have a ‘no standing’ rule so often a wait; Speakeasy vibe; Food is great; Come for an amazing cocktail pre-dinner! See website. Becoming a national chain. Opens 6pm. Beer $8+, wine cocktails $18+;  Oysters with Caviar $9 (get 2)   https://www.deathandcompany.com/location/death-and-company-new-york/

Cherry Tavern: Dive Bar. 441 E 6th @ Av A-1st Av;  Opens 6pm, late for a dive. Arcade games, pool.  PBR and whiskey $6. Cash only bar. Big time dive and not a huge place.  All drinks are generally cheap. http://cherrytavern.com/

Grape & Grain: Wine Bar. 620 E 6th St @ Av B-C; Date-friendly, cool scene; Extremely friendly service; This bar features an amazing beer selection and 25+ wines by the glass; Classy and stylish; Ideal pre-dinner; Location keeps it uncrowded. Worth a look for sure. Closed Monday.  Great food too including roasted oysters & Leek soup.  HH Tues-F 5-8pm. Oyster Thursdays, 5pm-midnight for $1. https://www.grapeandgrainnyc.com/

Ace Bar: Dive Bar. 531 E 5th St @ Av A-B;  No pretense, no fuss – just fun is their motto; 12 beers on tap; Nostalgic feel; Opened in 1992; Happy Hour: Daily 3-8pm with $4 draughts and $5 Well.   Pool & dart leagues play here; $2 Pabst 3-10pm on Thursdays. Opens at 3pm daily. Skee ball. Really a beautiful interior – old wood floors; Lunch Box collection on display.  https://acebar.com/

Bibi Wine Bar: Wine Bar. 211 E 4th @ Av A-B;  Opens 4 or 5pm daily. HH is daily from opening until 8pm with $25 bottles, $7 glasses. Cheese & Charcuterie food options. Nothing too fancy or pretentious. Top notch reviews from all comers. HH is a must try.   http://www.bibiwinebar.com/

2A: American Bar.  25 Av A @ 2nd St; Around since the 1980s. Opens 4pm daily.  HH includes buy one, gets one of well & drafts. They have Mint Julips. Comfortable neighborhood spot frequented by locals. Just a reliable pit stop for a quick one.    https://2abar.com/

Kelly’s Sports Bar: Hockey Bar. 12 Av A @ 1st-2nd St; Opens noon daily. HH until 7pm M-F;  They have that old Hockey game we all love; Drafts normally $8 including Carlsberg. Bartenders happy to talk hockey with you. Lots of TVs.  https://kellysnyc.com/

Drexler’s: American Bar.  9 Av A @ 1st-2nd St; HH is all day Monday and Sud-Fri 4-7pm with $7 cocktails and $5 wine. Wine normally $9.  Vinyl DJ sometimes. Lots of fun cocktails to pick from. More of a classier spot. Craft beers of draft. https://www.drexlers.nyc/

The Library: Dive Bar. 7 Av A @ Houston; Very laid back with amazing cheap drinks and friendly staff; Pac Man, 80s-90s Juke; Buy backs; True Village feel; Mixed crowd; Classic dive been around for years; Very cool scene…eclectic.  Truly a Dive Bar that gets it. Happy Hour: 5-8pm.   https://www.yelp.com/biz/the-library-new-york

Parkside Lounge: Dive Bar. 317 E Houston @ Av B;  Happy Hour 2-8pm, $4 beers;  Back room with Live bands and burlesque; Front room has pool, Ms. Pacman; friendly bartenders; Buy backs frequent; Great Juke; Foosball. PBR on tap; Really cheap way to get drunk. Great Bloody. https://www.parksidelounge.nyc/