Butchers / Seafood

Butchers / Seafood



Bayard Street Meat Market: Butcher.79 Elizabeth @ Grand; 23/17/13/I; Any animal meat you can think of. Meat lover’s heaven; Has fish but mainstay is beef, pork & duck. Has food court with sushi. Oh so cheap.


Biancardi Meats: Butcher. 2350 Arthur Av @ 187th; Bronx; 27/23/25/M; Family owned butcher; Beef is best; Tons of cuts. Value pricing and family-run service; Worth the trip to the Bronx.


Calabria Pork Store: Butcher. 2338 Arthur Av @ 187th; Bronx; 28/21/24/M; Endless selection of sausages and salamis; Fresh mozz & various Italian goods. Swine heaven.


East Village Meat Market:Butcher. 139 2nd Av @ 9th; 28/25/25//M; Veal; Lamb; Smoked sausages; Ukrainian. F’in good. Eastern Europe style and absolutely brilliant; Personal service.


Esposito Meat Market: Butcher. 500 Ninth @ 38th; 25/19/25/M; Italian sausages; Game; Full butcher; Chicken; Lamb. Friendly & old school feel.


Faicco’s Pork Store: Butcher. 260 Bleecker St @ 6th-7th Av; 28/23/25/M; Pork-O-Rama; Butcher; Sausages; Salami; Italian feel; Homemade sauces; Mozzarella; Inexpensive for area and worth a trip.


Fischer Bros: Butcher. 230 72nd @ BWay-West End; 27/19/22/E; Kosher butcher; Tons of prepared foods; Best Kosher meat. Super pricy; Cash only.


Florence Meat Market: Butcher. 5 Jones @ Bleecker- W4th; 29/19/28/M; Honest incredibly friendly staff; Steaks; Veal; Rack of Lamb. Possibly the best butcher shop in NYC. Lobel’s at ½ price.


Jeffrey’s on Essex: Butcher. 120 Essex @ Delancey – Rivington; Essex Market; 25/20/27/M; Top of the line, helpful service; Fun, entertaining owner; Very inexpensive prices on all types of meat.


Le Marais: Butcher. 150 46th @ 6th-7th; 26/21/19/E; God-Like quality; Kosher; French Steakhouse; Venison, Steaks, lamb. Shares quarters with a brasserie of same name. Icy service.


Les Halles Market: Butcher. 411 Park @ 28-9th; 26/23/20/E; Butcher; Terrific cuts; Perfect steaks; Produce; Groceries too. Incredible bread & pastries too.


Lobel’s Prime Meats: Butcher. 1096 Madison @ 82nd; 29/25/27/VE; #1 in city for Meats. Sirloin, lamb, chicken. Temple of prime meat; Endless offerings; Filets melt in mouth; Royal treatment; 5th generation family ownership; Best meat on planet but pricy.


Los Paisanos:  Butcher. 162 Smith Street Brooklyn;  Cobble Hill;  28/25/26/M;  Highest rating on Yelp imaginable; Amazing meatballs; Beef, pork, poultry, lamb, veal.  They have large assortment of exotic meats- check out website.  Perfect ranking in Yelp.


Ottomanelli Brothers: Butcher. 395 Amsterdam @ 79th; 24/18/23/E; Institution; Ultra Friendly family staff; Game; Lamb; Old School; Pork; Great cuts. Old school all the way.


Ottomanelli & Sons: Butcher. 285 Bleecker @ Jones St & 7th; 27/21/26/E; Institution; Ultra Friendly family staff; Game; Lamb; Hard to find meats- Kangaroo to Quail; Knowledgeable. Loyal customers.


Ottomanelli Brothers: Butcher. 1549 York @ 82nd; 24/18/23/E; Institution; Ultra Friendly family staff; Game; Lamb; Old School; Pork; Great cuts. Old school all the way.


Pino’s Prime Meats: Butcher. 149 Sullivan @ Houston-Prince; 27/25/24/M; Old time family butcher; They go the extra mile to help you; Prime meats; sausages; salami; Wild game; Italian owners. Owner relocated from London. Huge assortment of cuts and types of meats.


Salumeria Biellese: Butcher. 376 8th Av @ 29th; 29/18/24/M; Best sausage; 40 types; Deli counter for sandwiches; Sausage King. Mind boggling array; Supplies 5-star restaurants. Best in city –period.


Schaller & Weber: Butcher. 1654 2nd @ 85th; 27/22/23/M; True German Butcher. Friendly staff. Wursts; Cold cuts; Sausages; Jaw dropping selection of meats.


Schatzie’s Prime Meats: Butcher. 1200 Madison @ 87-8th; 25/17/22/E; High end butcher; Veal breast; BBQ chicken; Roast Turkey. Owner is extremely friendly and welcoming; Poultry & Game excellent.


Simchick, L: Butcher. 988 1st @ 54-5th; 28/19/25/E; Butcher; Top Quality; Ready for the Oven Meat; Awesome. Poultry. Great staff. Old school feel; Prepared foods; Marinated steaks.


Staubitz Market:  Butcher. 222 Court @ Baltic-Warren; Brooklyn; 29/23/25/E; Butcher; Since 1917; Friendly; Hand trimmed Prime beef;Game Meats like pheasant, venison, boar; Top of food chain quality.




Cosenza’s Fish Market: Seafood. 2354 Arthur Av @ 186th; Bronx; 27/21/23/M; Clams and Oysters are ingenious; Italian pasta favorites; Tons of fresh fish, salmon, scallops; Family run.


Dorian’s Seafood: Seafood. 1580 York @ 83rd; 25/20/26/E; High quality; Great service; Tastings; Fresh Fish and seafood. Every time I go in I’m offered a freebie by owner; Highest quality & service. Prepared food.


Lobster Place: Seafood. Chelsea Market; 28/23/22/M; Tons of live lobsters; Fish for sale; Sushi stand; Lobster rolls. Incredible soups; Fresh fish- large selection; Ian’s favorite seafood store.


Pescatore Seafood: Seafood; Grand Central Market. 27/25/22/E; Fresh seafood, great quality, great service. Fresh & cooked fare. Huge selection. Creative prepared fare; Love the shellfish; Fresh salmon & fish as well.


Pisacane Midtown: Seafood; 940 1st @ 51st; 28/19/26/E; Top 3 Fish market; Fresh; Excellent soups. So fresh seafood swims to you. Ask them what is fresh and fall in love with dinner.


Randazzo’s Seafood: Seafood. 2327 Arthur Av @ 187th; 28/21/24/M; Seafood so fresh it will swim to you; An area institution; Raw bar outside; Friendly Italian service. If it once swam it is here.


Rosendo Fish Market: Seafood. 383 2nd Ave @ 22nd; 27/18/20/M; Seriously large, fresh seafood collection; Amazing deal on King Crab legs; Large meat selection as well. Great local find.


Sable’s Smoked Fish: Smoked Fish. 1489 2nd @ 77th; 28/21/25/E;Amazing Lox; Bagels; Coffee; Salmon; Lobster Salad; Salmon, sturgeon; Caviar; Bagel & Lox sandwiches to die for; Friendliest service. They also have an impossibly good array of salads including crab & lobster.


Sea Breeze: Seafood. 541 9th @ 40th; 23/17/20/I; Dirt cheap Seafood. Fresh fish, shrimp. Friendly; Huge variety; Always fresh; Prepared Foods too; 3rd generation store. Recently renovated.


Tan My My: Seafood. 253-249 Grand @ Bowery-Chrystie; 22/16/13/I; Extremely fresh and practically free; Seafood emporium; Meats & produce also; Huge assortment – rare fish as well.


Wild Edibles: Seafood. Grand Central. 26/25/22/E; Fresh Fish- exotic & everyday offerings; Prepared foods. Impeccably Fresh seafood; Amazing staff. Pricy but fish nearly alive it’s so fresh.


Wild Edibles: Seafood. 535 3rd Av @ 35-36; 26/25/22/E; Fresh Fish- exotic & everyday offerings; Prepared foods. Impeccably Fresh seafood; Amazing staff. Pricy but fish nearly alive it’s so fresh.