Bakeries / Pastries

Bakeries / Pastries

Addeo’s: Bakery. 2372 Hughes Av @ 186th; Bronx; 2352 Arthur Av; 27/18/22/I; Italian Bakery; Insanely good; Cheap; Breads; Family Run;


Almondine Bakery: Bakery. 85 Water @ Dock-Main; Brooklyn; 28/23/23/M; French bakery with authentic goodness; Croissants & baguettes as well as to die for pastries. Chef is Le Bernardin alum.


Amy’s Bread: Bakery. 672 9th @ 47th; 26/22/20/M; Fantastic homemade breads; Amazing cakes, sandwiches, cookies, muffins. Cupcakes. Lunch items. NY institution.


Amy’s Bread: Bakery. Chelsea Market = 75 9th Av @ 15th; 26/22/20/M; Fantastic homemade breads; Amazing cakes, sandwiches, cookies, muffins. Cupcakes. Lunch items. NY institution.


Amy’s Bread: Bakery. 250 Bleecker @ Carmine; 26/22/20/M; Fantastic homemade breads; Amazing cakes, sandwiches, cookies, muffins. Cupcakes. Lunch items. NY institution.


Artopolis Bakery:Bakery. 23-18 31st St @ 23rd Av; Queens; 28/26/23/M; Greek desserts; Pastries; Artistic creations; Best in Queens. Cakes with French flair as well.


Balthazar Bakery: Bakery; 80 Spring @ B-Way; 27/24/21/E; Great loaves of bread; European feel; Baked goods; Chocolate rolls; Paris in NYC!; French perfection; Croissants, Baguettes;


Billy’s Bakery: Bakery. 184 9th @ 21-22; 25/23/22/M; Melt in mouth cupcakes; Cakes; Pies; 1940s style; Cheapish; The retro design make it fun to stop for a pastry & coffee.


Blue Ribbon Market: Bakery. 14 Bedford @ Downing; 28/22/23/E; Bread is specialty; Burger rolls; Bread baskets; Stay or Go; Fans of the restaurant empire can sample baked perfection; Also sells spreads; cheeses; smoked fish; oils; condiments; sandwiches & soups.


Black Hound: Bakery. 170 2nd Av @ 10th; 26/26/22/E; Designer bake shop; Candy; Bakery; Cookies; Truffles; Tarts; Cakes; Creations are beautiful to just look at; Gift baskets.


Bouchon Bakery: Bakery. 10 Columbus Circle, 3rd floor; Time Warner Center; 27/25/21/E; Always packed French bakery; Magical pastries, cakes, cookies, breads and sandwiches; Beautiful displays.


Bouley Bakery & Market: Bakery. 130 W-BWay @ Duane; 27/25/22/E; Famous chef David Bouley’s market; 3 levels; Ground floor is bakery & prepared foods; French bread; 2nd is eatery; cellar is food market – meat, seafood, oils, produce.


Bruno Bakery: Bakery. 506 LaGuardia @ Bleecker; 23/22/18/M; Cannolis; Italian pastries; Fantastic cakes; Cookies; Espresso bar.


Ceci-Cela:Bakery. 55 Spring @ Lafayette-Mulberry: 24/19/16/M: Awesome pastry; Cookie King. Croissants; French place. Almond brioche; Pain au chocolat; Not as good as years past.


Cipriani Le Specialita: Bakery. 110 42nd @ Lex; 26/24/20/E; Top bakery; Fabulous bread, sandwiches, cakes. Heaven in your mouth. Italian specialties.


City Bakery: Bakery. 3 W 18th @ 5-6th; 26/22/18/E; Pastries, “King of Tarts” High quality; Pretzel Croissants; Cookies; To die for Hot Chocolate; Prepared Foods as well. Truly amazing place.


Clinton St Baking Co: Bakery. 4 Clinton @ Houston-Stanton; 26/20/20/M; Incredible service; Sit Down bakery; Desserts; Muffins; Coffee; Scones; Best fluffy Biscuits. Cakes; Have Breakfast!


De Robertis Pasticceria: Bakery. 176 1st Av @ 10-11th; 22/21/21/I; Old school Italian pastry shop; Amazing pignoli cookies and cannolis, ices and coffee.


Delillo Pastry Shop: Bakery. 606 E 187th @ Arthur; Bronx; 26/22/24/I; Little Italy in Bronx; Freshest Italian Pastry; Bargains; Italian Ice; Desserts. Stop in for a dessert.


Dessert Delivery: Bakery. 360 55th @ 1-2nd Av; 28/24/26/E; Known for amazing cookies – especially Black & White; Beautiful cakes and tasty treats; Amazing service.


Doughnut Plant: Bakery. 379 Grand @ Essex; 26/15/19/M; Huge do-nuts; Homemade; Places like Dean’s buy from here. Addictive taste Homer Simpson would love.


Duane Park Patisserie: Bakery. 179 Duane @ Greenwich; 26/17/20/E; Custom cakes; Brownies, Pastries; Funky; Taste of Paris; Magical cupcakes; Austrian & German style as well as French.


Eleni’s Cookies: Bakery. Chelsea Market; 22/24/20/E; Tasty picture perfect cookies; Gift ideas; Treats; Innovative designs. Cupcakes as well.


Fat Witch Bakery: Bakery. Chelsea Market; 25/21/21/M; Decadent; Bakery; Chocolate Brownies; Cakes; Rich as all get out. But centerpiece if the fudge brownies.


Ferrara Café: Bakery. 195 Grand @ Mott-Mulberry; 22/23/18/M; Famous pastry shop; Top shelf Italian desserts; Around forever. Old fashioned; Napoleons, Cannolis, Tiramisu.


Financier Patisserie: Bakery. 62 Stone @ William; 35 Cedar @ Pearl; World Financial Center; 27/25/21/M; European; Dainty French pastries; Sandwiches; Sophisticated. Great Coffee; Hidden jewel; Oasis of civility.


Georgetown Cupcakes:  Pastry. 111 Mercer @ Spring; 27/23/23/M; Delicious and famous cupcakes; Very affordable and not that big; Red Velvet stands out; Frosting is light and delicious.


Grandaisy Bakery: Bakery. 176 72nd @ Amsterdam; 29/21/20/M; f/k/a Sullivan St Bakery; Italian bakery that makes perfect loaves of bread; All types of baked goods; Pizzas; Paninis.


Grandaisy Bakery: Bakery. 73 Sullivan @ Broome-Spring; 29/21/20/M; f/k/a Sullivan St Bakery; Italian bakery that makes perfect loaves of bread; All types of baked goods; Pizzas; Paninis.


La Bella Ferrara: Pastry. 108 Mulberry @ Canal; 26/22/22/M;  Little Italy stand-out;  Cannolis and Italian specialties; Try the rainbow cookies;  Ready to buy cakes;


La Bergamote: Bakery. 169 9th Av @ 20th; 26/24/20/E; French bakery; Pastries; Croissants; Tarts; Almond Brioche; Truffles; Paris! Works of art in the display cases.


Ladybird Bakery: Bakery. 1112 8th Av @ 11-12th St; Brooklyn; 28/23/23/M; Original branch of Two Little Red Hens in the city; Wondrous baked goods; Cakes and cupcakes; Charming, quaint store.


Levain Bakery: Bakery. 167 74th @ Amsterdam; 28/18/22/E; Best cookies in NYC; Bread. Muffins. Giant God cookies; Known for Chocolate Chip; Sourdough pizzas. Breads, scones.


Madonia Bakery: Bakery. 2348 Arthur Av @ 187th; Bronx; 28/20/23/I; Italian Bakery; Fantastic Bread; Loaves; One of best in state. Ultra authentic Italian ingredients for a taste of Italy; Prosciutto loaves.


Magnolia Bakery: Bakery. 200 Columbus @ 69th; 23/20/17/M; King of cupcakes with unreal icings; Cakes; Pies; Dessert Destination; Banana Pudding


Magnolia Bakery: Bakery. 401 Bleecker @ 11th; 23/20/17/M; King of cupcakes with unreal icings; Cakes; Pies; Dessert Destination; Banana Pudding


Margot Patisserie: Bakery. 2109 B-way @ 74th; 27/21/22/M; True French patisserie; small; cookies, croissants, baked goods. Pastries, baguettes.


Martin’s Pretzels: Bakery – Pretzels. Greenmarket. 27/18/24/I; Hand-rolled pretzel perfection; Various version of pretzels. Open M, W, F, Sat 8am-6pm year round in Union Square.


Masturbakers: Bakery. 511 E. 12th @ Av A-B; 22/19/23/M; Erotic cakes; Hilarious offerings; Sex themed desserts. Hilarious; When occasion calls for a novelty item.


Molly’s Cupcakes: Pastry. 228 Bleecker @ Carmine;  27/24/24/E;  Name says it all – try the Crème Brule cupcakes;  Pricy but delicious.  Tons of different flavors


Orwasher’s Bakery: Bakery. 308 E 78th @ 1st-2nd; 26/19/21/M; Huge selection of amazing breads/ loaves; Family owned. Jewish- showcasing high end Kosher bread.


Parisi Bakery: Bakery. 198 Mott @ Spring; 23/16/21/I; Sinatra loved it. Bakery/sandwich shop; Breads; Meatball Parm. Top of the line Italian sandwiches; Prosciutto bread.


Patisserie Claude: Bakery. 187 W. 4th St @ 6th-7th Av; 27/19/19/M; French; Perfect Butter croissants; Cakes; Tarts; Pastries; Some attitude, but stunning baked delicacies.


Poseidon Bakery: Bakery; 629 Ninth Av @ 44th-45th; 27/17/23/I; Greek owned; Tons of desserts, pastry & bread. Dirt Cheap! Finger-looking treats; Baklava is amazing;


Rocco Pastry: Bakery. 243 Bleecker @ Leroy; 25/23/20/M; Italian bakery; Pastries; Cookies; Signature cannolis; Large selection; Gelato; Strong & flavorful coffee.


Ruby et Violette: Bakery. 457 W 50th @ 10th; 26/23/23/E; Chocolates; Cookies; Diamond of a store; 50 flavors; Boutique store. Recently renovated; Chunky cookies for everyone.


Silver Moon Bakery: Bakery. 2740 B-Way @ 105th; 26/21/20/M; Breads, sweets, pastries, cookies, sandwiches. Café. Sit down. Popular with Columbia crowd.


Soutine: Bakery. 104 W. 70th @ Columbus; 27/19/23/E; Bakery, highly rated. Great cakes, tarts, cookies, baked goods. Traditional Pastries; What a bakery should be… large assortment of all great products.


Stork’s Pastry Shop: Bakery. 12-42 150th St @ 12th Rd; Queens; 27/22/21/M; German pastry shop; Marvelous cookies,truffles & pastries; Excellent breads; Cookies; Authentic chocolates used in baking.


Streit Matzo Co: Bakery. 150 Rivington St@ Clinton-Suffolk; 25/13/16/I; The home of Matzos!!!!! Fresh made. Unleavened. Passover institution if you happen to be Jewish or like the stuff. Related products.


Sugar Sweet Sunshine: Bakery. 126 Rivington @ Essex; 27/21/22/I; Hipper kind of place; 1970s inspired digs; Cakes; Cupcakes are main course here; Cookies too.


Terranova Bakery: Bakery. 691 E 187th @ Beaumont; Bronx; 26/15/20/I; Here is a standout for amazing breads, especially focaccia. Homemade pastas; Authentic Italian.


Tribeca Treats: Bakery. 94 Reade @ Church; 27/25/25/M; What a bakery with amazing chocolates, cookies and breads; Cakes and cupcakes; Take out gifts; Friendly staff; They have it all.


Two Little Red Hens: Bakery. 1652 2nd @ 85th; 26/22/22/E; Pastries, pies, tarts, cakes. Very very good. Light and heavenly cupcakes. Local favorite. Homey interior to indulge.


Veniero’s: Bakery. 342 E. 11th @ 1st-2nd; 25/22/19/M; Italian bakery; Awesome; Huge variety; pastries; cheesecake; cappuccino. Established 1894; Legend in area.


Villabate Pasticceria & Bakery: Bakery. 7117 18th Av @ 71-2nd; Brooklyn; 28/24/22/M; Extravaganzas; Italian Bakery; Cookies. Wonderful selection of all forms of pastries and breads.